Business and Management Support

Having an online business manager on your team means essentially having a second-in-command – a buffer between you and the operational side of your business.

An online business manager typically works in four areas – project management, operations management, metrics management and people management.

  • Project Management – for example, managing a launch, setting up a new online program or membership portal, establishing a website.
  • Operations Management – setting up and maintaining the behind-the-scenes systems and processes for optimal efficiency.  For example, making sure there are systems in place for billing, client relationships, work flow, communication etc., establishing SOPs, business continuity planning – and lots more.
  • Metrics Management – tracking stats so that you know exactly what’s working in your business and what isn’t and recommending next steps.
  • People Management – outsourcing, managing and tracking the completion of day-to-day tasks for your teams, breaking down big strategies and projects into smaller bite-sized tasks for remote teams.

Launch Management

Our launch management service will support you step-by-step on the journey to getting your product or course idea up and running without any planning, strategy or delivery headaches.  

  • Helping you choose the right strategy and platform for your next launch
  • Identifying the key campaigns to include in the overall launch sequence
  • Mapping out a beautifully structured launch plan
  • Support in the production of lead magnets, offers, email sequences, webinars, launch pages and course content.
  • Technical support with platforms and integrations
  • Post launch reporting and analysis

Project Management

Our project management service will help to ensure your projects are planned, coordinated and executed on time and within budget.

  • Planning, organising and directing the completion of a project on time, on budget and within scope
  • Implementing project management software to assist with project delivery – e.g. Jira, ClickUp, Asana, Trello and Airtable
  • Breaking up larger project chunks into defined tasks which can then be allocated amongst available resources
  • Overseeing and coordinating project teams; scheduling and assigning tasks and tracking project deliverables
  • Completion of project evaluations and assessment of results
  • Change impact assessments and change management
  • Identifying trends and opportunities for improvement