How To Spring Clean Your Business – For Sparkling Results

Winter is an excellent season to batten down the hatches and get productive. But when you come through the other side, you can find your processes are in a right mess. Your to-do list has become unruly. You can’t find anything. But that’s ok: Spring is here! Time to throw open the curtains, clean up your business processes and get organised. 

Opportunities won’t land if they can’t find a space on your desk. Big, messy clutter (unfinished projects and failed admin tasks) clog up your flow and your workspace. When the decks are clear, you don’t just feel lighter, you’re more organised and prepared for whatever happens next. Tidying up operations takes time and making space requires, well, space. We’re here to help you with that:

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Streamlining Your Business Admin

1 – Tidy your to-do list 

Bite the bullet. Swallow the frog. Do those to-dos that you’re not getting to-done. Yes, they’re dull. But doing the things that you want to put last, first, will improve your productivity as well as your mindset. And if you can’t complete it, ask yourself: ‘can I delete it?’. Or can someone else do it? You’re the boss, afterall.

2 – Freshen-up your image

Breath new life into your brand identity by cleaning up your image. Review your brand across all channels – how do you look? Is your web design fresh? Do images need updating? Have a look at your competitors and see who’s looking tidiest – and why.

3 – Spruce up your story

Build trust with simple, clean storytelling. Does your messaging make sense? Does it still chime with your value proposition? Are your website and your social media profiles saying the same thing? Make sure what you’re saying simply says who you are, without clutter getting in the way.

4 – Clean up your web copy 

Your copy should be bringing ‘Sunday-best’ vibes on every page. Read through your website and make sure your tone of voice is consistent. Scrub up your language so it’s clear and accessible. Take out long, messy sentences. Avoid business buzzwords. Then make your CTAs sparkle and shine. 

5 – Finesse your filing systems

Solid systems lie at the heart of every tidy business, from logging expenses and receipts to managing relationships with clients. If you don’t create a digital filing structure that works for you, it’s easy to lose things. Spend some time getting this right and future you will say thank you. And then? Little and often is the way. And if you just don’t have the time to think it through? Think about taking on a virtual assistant to help. They’re good at systems.  

6 – Declutter your inbox 

Without a proper labelling and folder structure, you’ll have more folders than there are letters of the alphabet. File your emails properly and you’ll save time and headaches. Try pulling your contacts out of your inbox too, make sure they’re saved in your CRM with a short sentence on each. Then you know the state of play every time you speak to a client. 

7 – Keep your data tidy (and legal) 

You know that saying, ‘out with the old..’? Get rid of old accounts, apps and subscriptions that you’re still paying for but don’t need. And don’t just archive old files and paperwork, get rid of them completely. If you’re not sure about data protection laws and your business, you can check’s GDPR guidelines. 

8 – Clean-up your contacts

While you’re saying goodbye to old documents and data, say goodbye to old (less than ideal) clients too. You don’t need to keep them anymore either. It’s always good to tidy your email and newsletter email groups too and remove any old customers or redundant addresses.

9 – Dust-off the business plan

Look at your business objectives with fresh eyes and ask are they still relevant? Has your business moved forwards? Do you have any new targets? A shiny new business plan can strengthen focus, helping you work on the next big thing, instead of the same old thing.

10 – Actually clean your office! 

Spritz surfaces and create physical space around your work station. It makes you feel more calm and productive (and shows your team members and/or visiting clients how organised and zen you are).  A new plant will help channel ideas and growth (as well as be a nice treat for you to admire). 

Get A Virtual Assistant To Help Streamline Your Business Admin 

Tidying your business is a big job – but there’s help at hand. A virtual assistant could make your day-to-day processes sparkle and your business operations shine. Everything efficient. Everything effortless. Sound good? We’re ready when you are. 

Get tidy, then stay tidy: talk to LevelUp Virtual Services about hiring a virtual assistant.