Getting started with your VA – Part 2

Successful delegation is at the very heart of building an effective and rewarding relationship with your virtual assistant.  It is critical to smarter business and it can take practice and commitment to get it right. Part 1 of this guide outlined some exercises to identify what tasks to delegate and here in Part 2 we’ll […]

Getting Started with your Virtual Assistant – Part 1

How to Identify Tasks to Delegate If you’re reading this blog then I can only assume that you have decided that you need some help.  Whether it’s because you’re feeling far too stressed and need to reclaim a work-life balance, or because you’re finding that admin is falling by the wayside as there’s simply not […]

Goal Setting Techniques

In last week’s blog I talked about the benefits of goal setting.  Today I’m going to cover some of the goal setting techniques that I’ve used on my business journey. I’m focussing on the techniques and frameworks that have helped me most but that are lots more out there and it really is a question […]

What is a VA and why should you hire one?

5 Reasons why hiring a VA is the best investment you’ll make this year. Since I started my VA business I have lost count of the number of times friends and family have questioned the sanity of setting up as a VA.  “Are you sure this is a sound investment Clare? There can’t be that many […]